The Staff Sergeant Joseph D’Augustine Memorial Fund is pleased to introduce the Secret Santa for Vets Program, which matches veterans with willing donors from the community.

Secret Santa for Vets was created after speaking with many veterans that felt they were forgotten after returning home. They missed the beautiful care packages and letters they were sent while deployed. As most know, many veterans have become a statistic. 22 veterans commit suicide per day and the number is rising. We hope that Secret Santa for Vets will help the receiving veterans realize they will never be forgotten. It is a part of our fight against PTSD and veteran suicide.

To nominate a veteran, complete and email the form above to,

To become a donor, complete and email the form above to,

You will be given a first name along with their interests and gift ideas.

For anyone who would like to donate monetarily for shipping costs please visit the home page and click on the Donate button.

If you would like to participate in our annual Holiday Mail for Heroes, we are accepting handmade and store bought cards. Please address it “Dear Hero,” and sign with the child’s first name and age. Please do not include any personal information.

*All gifts and cards due no later than November 30th. 

Thank you for your continued support.